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Dr. Rohan Bedi
Anti-Financial Crime Consultant

Helping you Train, Design and Deliver

Dr. Rohan Bedi, FICA, is the Managing Director of the Singapore Financial Crime Compliance Association (SFCCA). He was previously a trainer with Euromoney Learning, and has worked with JPMorgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and PricewaterhousCoopers in Singapore. He has held important regional management roles and is a known thought leader. His exposure covers all banking businesses. He has authored a book on money laundering (received a PwC award also see NLA) and his co-authored eLearning was used by AUSTRAC for years (see US INCSR 2009) for free market training. He has been closely associated with NUS & NTU and has been on the ICA International Board of Advisors for six years.


He is a Singapore citizen and is a novelist ("The Second Attack").

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